This is what happens when a writer desperately tries to keep awake during a Physics lecture class. Hey. For the record, I did learn something in the end… I did get what the whole normal force thing was, as well as the principles behind the Newton Laws (Theories, apparently) of Motion. 

Physics concepts are underlined, by the way. :)


I’m going way down, in over my head,

surrounded by thoughts that try to displace me.

The force is just too strong,

or maybe I’m just too weak.

Towards which direction to head, I just don’t know.

Lost. Nowhere. Going in circles.

Only to stop and forever stay in that state of rest.

It’s probably friction. Then again, maybe an inner conflict.

But I go and stop. The cycle continues.

The thoughts are endlessly racing,

accelerating to unthinkable speeds.

Gravity seems to be pulling me down,

pinning me down so I can never soar again.




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