THREE – This is the maximum number of hours of sleep that I got for each day of this week. I can’t even begin to describe how tired I am. WHEW.

Thanks to our first Bio25Lab DepEx (it was pretty okay~ bearable, aside from a few questions that totally had me blank) and the first Histo3 Exam (wow. so many terms), I had to keep reading and reading and reading and reading intensively. It’s not that I disliked what I’m doing. I love reading, and as I’ve always said, learning is a great perk that comes with reading. What I dislike is memorization. Gah. Taxonomy for BioLab had my mind spinning in the world of animals, desperately trying to remember what Class, Subclass, Infraclass, Order, Suborder, etc. they belonged to. And as if Latin wasn’t enough, I had to memorize several Hebrew and Arabic terms for Histo3.

The week had to provide even more torture in the form of Chem31 – UGH. OrgChem. I can’t understand a single thing! I can’t actually be blamed for not thoroughly reading the manual – Bio25Lab and Histo3 have made it so my hands and sorry brain are full – and Sir doesn’t exactly make things any easier by speaking hastily as if expecting us all to already know what he was talking about. He might as well have been speaking in Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin. Really. I could only blink and stare blankly. No surprise that I failed that surprise quiz.

Everything inevitably ended in a major headache.

And now, I’ve only got tomorrow to detox – HP movie date with my best friend, and I better get started on learning OrgChem on my own. Sigh. Plus, no Sunday rest for me – Hum field trip on that day. Hope it’ll be fun, at least.

Three words to end this journal entry:

Just. Keep. Smiling. :)


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