No Such Thing as Overprotection

Note: This is again taken from ‘sanctuary’ – a collection of thoughts, views and rants – my best journal entries. 

“No Such Thing as Overprotection”

“Doc, bakit po ba hatid-sundo n’yo pa rin si Angeli? Eh, dalaga na po yun!”

“Bakit ba? Marunong ka pa sa akin! Eh, baby ko ‘un eh!”

“’Wag na lang, anak. Malayo ‘un.”

“Masyadong gabi, Angeli. Hindi ka pwede pumunta.”

“Walang maghahatid sa’yo at hindi ka rin pwede mag-commute. Next time na lang…”

All throughout my high school life, my parents have always been like that. I’ve never really given it much thought though. For me, the moment they say it’s not going to happen, it’s really not going to happen. What they say stands. I can’t do anything else about it. My parents were simply overprotective.

Several classmates of mine began to ask questions. “Sinubukan mo na bang tumakas, Dumatol?” “Dums, hindi ka pa ba nag-rebelde? Hahaha!” “Hindi mo pa ba na-try magsinungaling, Dums?” My answers remained the same. It was always either a ‘NO’ or a ‘HINDI AH’. It became clear to my classmates (as well as to myself) that my parents were (forget about just plain old strict) overprotective.

            There was no point denying it. Yeah, my parents are overprotective. Forget about asking for permission. They’d answer with an inevitable ‘NO’ anyway.

So yeah, I missed out on a lot. I couldn’t relate with a lot of things my classmates were talking about. I didn’t even understand what they were talking about, for crying out loud. People were practically labeling me as ‘socially ignorant’, whatever that means.

However, there came a time when I started to question my parents’ overprotection. I guess my classmates’ statements slowly got to me. I began thinking, Oo nga noh. Bakit nga ba lagi na lang akong hindi pinapayagan? Wala naman akong nagawang masama, at mas lalong wala naman akong gagawing masama! Bakit lagi na lang ‘NO’?

            It was then that it hit me. Because I was so fixed on the idea that they were simply saying ‘NO’ to me, I failed to listen to the other half of my parents’ statements.

“’Wag na lang, anak. Malayo ‘un. Delikado na.

“Masyadong gabi, Angeli. Hindi ka pwede pumunta. Baka ma-paano ka lang…

“Walang maghahatid sa’yo at hindi ka rin pwede mag-commute. Nakakatakot na ngayon. Mahirap na, anak…Next time na lang…”

There was always a reason for every ‘NO’ my parents gave me, and that reason was LOVE. They love me too much and because of that, they wouldn’t dare risk my safety at the expense of giving me permission to do this and do that. They weren’t saying ‘NO’ just because they wanted to. They were saying ‘NO’ for my own benefit. In the end, ako pa rin ang iniisip nila sa pagtanggi…

There is no such thing as overprotection.

There is simply much love and concern.


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