Wanting to See You

Note: This short piece was written a while back, when I was feeling mightily lonely. It is taken from ‘sanctuary’, a collection of thoughts, views and rants – my best journal entries. 

“Wanting to See You”

ayi: sbi daw sa time magazine

ayi: if you dream of a person, that person wants to see you

angeli: weh

ayi: ou, SBI SA TIME MAG =))))))))

angeli: WHAT PROOF DO THEY HAVE?!  =))

ayi: ewan ko sa kanila =))))))))


          Every beginning comes with an ending. In life, things come and go.  Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is permanent. Sad to say, but it’s a given fact. Remember the 7 Environmental Principles they taught back in our elementary days? The 4th one states it quite frankly: Everything changes.

In the midst of all the changes that come in your life, there will inevitably come a time when you will take time to look back. This moment of reminisce will probably leave you in tears. Recalling the ‘good old days” will leave a ton of questions swirling inside your mind. – Why did they have to end? How could things have gone from then to now? Can’t I relive those moments and be happy once again?  Can’t I go back in time and return to those days that I so sorely miss?

But then, all those questions will just disappear as you realize that it wasn’t about the places or the moments themselves. The ‘good old days’ aren’t the ones you miss. What – or more appropriately, who – you miss are the people you were with – those who have played an important part in shaping you, in making you grow, in creating the person who you are now.

After that moment of reminisce, you will end up wanting but one thing: to see those people again. You will want to meet with them once more, to prove to yourself that they are real, that they really exist, that they are not just part of your dream world.

            The pictures, videos and letters aren’t enough to ease the loneliness that had slowly built up inside you. In fact, they only make it worse. With every picture, video and letter comes a new memory that you recall. And with every new memory recalled comes a greater feeling of apathy within.

Indeed, your only desire is to see them all again.

            The memories I have can never satisfy me. I want to see you.


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