Aegis (sweet dreams)

Aegis is the song featured in my second novel, sweet dreams. It has yet to be published, but I’m hoping that time would come pretty soon. Anyway, in the novel, Kenneth wrote this song for Hailey, wherein he promises to protect her from everything – in sum, to serve as her aegis, her protection. :)


A night that seemed ordinary

But really wasn’t after all…

Simply indescribable,

How I just had to fall…



What was it about you?

What is this I now feel?

I want to protect you.

Oh I can and I will…

And it’s all because…



Shining brighter than stars

you brighten up my day

With every touch that you give

 and every word that you say


I’ll do everything I can

You are my inspiration.

Come now and hold on to me

Your aegis, your protection.   


It was certainly quite the fight

Maybe I’m worthless after all,

But that nice warm embrace of yours,

makes me stand after every fall.





These wounds of mine mean nothing

as long as you’re alright.

I’ll protect you from everything.

I’ll gladly stand and fight.


Your aegis, your protection.


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