Heaven-Inspired is a collection of poems about first love. Some of these have real-life stories behind them. Of course, I won’t be mentioning which ones. :)

Our first was but a mere glimpse
I noticed your complexity
I was intrigued
You may not have noticed me
Yet it doesn't matter
For that was but the first,
the first moment granted by fate

I know not who you really are
I know only your name
Physical means doesn't matter though
For our paths have already crossed
And indeed...
You forever I will cherish

We can't be more different
How I hate your eccentricity
Never before have I met such a guy like you
Yet different as we are
We can't be more similar
You and I ~ My Penguin-chan

Colors of red and black
Perhaps for some, these are but
Colors of pain, hurt and torture
But for us, for me, for you,
They are colors of passion.
Let us ignore the world
And remain entirely emo together. 

Honestly, you can be quite foolish
Frowning is fine and all,
But it can't be an everyday thing.
Still, foolish as you are,
An annoyance you may sometimes be,
I don't really care
For in my heart, there is but you. 

Empty... Simply empty.
People tell me I'm complex
But in truth, I can't be more simple.
There is but one thing I want
Nothing more but that one thing
LOVE - Love to fill my empty heart.
So, why don't you just tell me your name?
Then, maybe I won't be empty anymore.

I am but a walking catastrophe
Attempts always end in failure
Causing chaos, causing hurt, causing pain
Not only for myself but for all.
But then, you came into my life,
Granting a small spark of hope,
A spark that lit my world
And possibly ended all catastrophe.

You say you're blind
Yet you see right through me
You say you're weird
Yet you seem the only sane person to me
No matter how much I try to say no,
Your persistence changes everything.
Must you persist on this and that?
Stop... I might forget to say no...

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